Welcome to the fascinating world of High Performance Concrete (HPC) and welcome to Contec ApS homepage.

Contec ApS is based in Denmark and founded in 1993 by Architect Mr. Bo Serwin.  MMA. In the beginning the focus was on manufacturing material for Contec flooring systems and repair mortars based on a technology developed by Mr. Hans Henrik Bache in late 1970´s and early 1980´s. (CRC)

Contec ApS is today one of the absolute market leaders in this field having developed the materials from being rather exotic, brittle and challenging to now being materials with fantastic flow workability, ductility and aesthetics. As a new business area we are now into advanced furniture and prefabs where our patents make it possible for us to offer lightweight and yet sustainable products.

Contec ApS represents the most advanced technology of High Performance Concrete – the key for numerous systems invented by Contec for everyday practical use..... Read more

Contec Prefab A/S