High Performance Concrete and Ultra High Performance Concrete have become industrial standards in many applications within industrial flooring and pavements as it features:

  • short curing time,
  • high density, low shrinkage and
  • high early and final strength.  


The benefits for our customers are:

  • fast installation,
  • a minimum of shut down time and
  • many years with a wearing course requiring no or only a minimum of maintenance.


At Contec we have taken industrial flooring to the next level. Based on our experience in the business since the early nineties, we have developed solutions and products for customers, who had no alternative.

The results are products and patents, approved and introduced to customers all over the world.

The Confalt, MonoConfalt and Ferroplan systems give the customers cost efficient proven solutions that are able to meet individual requirements on strength, density, bearing capacity and appearance. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor applications or for new build or rehabilitation Contec offers a sustainable solution supported by highly experienced and dedicated local partners. 

All Contec Flooring Systems are ready for traffic after 24 hours of curing at 20 C.

Crawler Cran by LIEBHERR on FERROPLAN® pavements