Concrete Bridges and Viaducts

Concrete is the most available and most used construction material in the world and thus also used for the construction of bridges and viaducts. Despite the good properties of concrete some durability problems, mostly related to the structure of the hardened concrete, can occur during time and reducing the service life of the total construction. Problems like chloride penetration,  carbonation, alkali silica reactions, structural cracks, damage due to accidents, explosions or earthquakes etc. are resulting in the deterioration and/of a reduction in strength of the concrete and thus reducing the total service life or, worse, resulting in an unsafe situation for the users of the infrastructural construction. Most of this damage with bridges will be in the wearing course and/or deck construction. Repairs of the deck construction and/or wearing course are not always done in a liable way and are most of the time emergency repairs which will not last for long. None of these emergency repairs will solve all the problems that can occur and are therefore only a temporary solution.


The Contec Ferroplan® can solve many of these problems with the wearing course and/or deck construction as mentioned above and will besides that result in a strong wearing course, a waterproofing to protect the under laying concrete structure and will add an additional strength and stiffness to the whole deck construction without additional dead load. Due to the unique properties of the Contec Ferroplan® with the different possible reinforcement configurations it become possible to re-strength infrastructural structures like bridges and viaducts by placing, or replacing the original wearing course, a structural anchored Contec Ferroplan®  as a wearing course or a thin overlay.

The Contec Ferroplan® is placed in the period 2003 – 2007 on several concrete viaducts in the Netherlands. More detailed information can be found under Projects and under Download where different proceedings and papers about the various projects can be downloaded. 


The rehabilitation and re-strengthening of an bridge deck is absolutely not a standard application for the Contec Ferroplan®, the rehabilitation of infrastructural structures like a bridge in a highway system is a specialization  and investigation must be made from case to case to avoid failures. Since every project will be an unique project situation, a general description cannot be made and also details like the inspection, repair of cracks and finite element calculations are not part of the knowledge and/or are not the specialism of Contec ApS. For that reason we recommend to involve specialist from different disciplines like qualified engineering companies, research institutes and contractors with sufficient knowledge. Contec ApS is willing and able to work like an intermediary between bridge owners at one side and engineering firms, contractors and research institutes on the other side to create a skilled building team and thus “bridging the gap”.