Bridge elements

By mixing good quality cement with puzzolanic particles – even down to nano size – and reinforcing the entire structure, Contec have achieved some spectacular properties in terms of density, strength and curing time in the prefab business.

High Performance Concrete offers unique solutions to thousands of problems of various kinds and is already a standard solution in certain sectors. With a compressive strength of up to 210 N/mm² (thickness 45 mm), Contec offer products with specifications far beyond those of traditional good quality concrete and new interesting solutions.

In our business area of Prefab elements we utilize the unique properties to develop new prefabricated concrete elements for balconies, galleries, walkways, stairs, panels for smaller bridges, and the like.  

For our customers this means:

  • Minimum of down time
  • Possibility to offer sleek elegant designs.
  • Lower weight compared to traditional solutions offers higher traffic capacity
  • Significant easier installation e.g. by using smaller cranes and material
  • Can be specified to fast setting giving the customer less down time.
  • Expanded lifetime
  • Customer specified surfaces
  • Low maintenance surfaces


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