Designing and building furniture in concrete is not new but High Performance Concrete (HPC) in combination with new patents for composite solutions from Contec, takes it to the next level.  HPC offers by nature a density, compressive strength and wear resistance that is not comparable to any other concrete. This gives us the opportunity to work in significant smaller dimensions and designs.  When the properties of HPC are combined HPC with Contec’s patent on composite constructions where we bound together light weight materials as wood or polystyrene to HPC, we are able to design and build tabletops in concrete with a weigth as low as 25kg/m²

The properties of HPC are achieved by adding a very little volume of water to an advanced mix of concrete and various additives. Controlling the setting time and the shrinkage is a core competence of Contec and we have build in our year long experience into new methods of manufacturing furniture in concrete. Moulds are often build in-house on our own CNC machines.

Contec offers exiting individual and new designs in colours and shapes that are unique. You can choose between a surface like glass, traditional rustic appearance of copy even the finest pattern you like. HPC from Contec can even be mixed fine enough to reproduce an old record, which is playable.


Contec ApS was one of the first developers and manufacturers of HPC, we have build an extensive experience in our materials and the applications. (More information on Contec Technology