The tremendous increase in aircraft loads and movements is putting a new focus on the current design of airport pavementsInitial investments is often less important than long term maintenance costs and total life span of the pavement where both rigid and flexible pavements are used in different configurations and sometimes combined.

The operation of New Large Aircraft (NLA) will result in the upgrading of many airports worldwide. This development will result in much higher static loads on Apron’s, de-icing locations and hangars. To meet the requirements established for this category, runway and taxiway widths, runway-to-taxiway , taxiway-to-taxiway separations as well as Aprons widths (relocation), will need to be increased.

Contec offer well proven solutions for airport pavement rehabilitation, - upgrading and new pavements with Contec Ferroplan and the semi-flexible Confalt and MonoConfalt. But Contec has also solutions for problems like potholes in pavements and joint damage. The Contec toppings and semi-flexible pavements are excellent rehabilitation systems for hangars, distribution and storage centre’s and other facilities in an airport.

Contec offers the Ferroplan®, Confalt® and MonoConfalt® systems with millions of m² installed over a period of 20 years for both new build and rehabilitation.

Properties and benefits for airport applications:

  • Freedom of joints
  • Resistance to all types of aircrafts – no rutting
  • Temperature resistant from -50° to +90° C
  • Resistance to Kerosene, de-icing chemicals, jet fuel and other chemicals
  • Over-night installation of aprons. (Proven at CPH)

The elimination of joints is the key to reduce maintenance costs and to secure a comfortable ride and the Ferroplan®, Confalt® and MonoConfalt® systems offer better fatigue properties than traditional pavement systems for airports. The very dense high performance concrete (HPC) allows no penetration of water and aggressive material into the pavement. This is of great importance to the working life of pavements for airport.  

There are no plane too heavy and no area too big for a joint free Contec pavement.