Antistatic Flooring

Antistatic floors are often used in heavy duty environments like ammunition storage and chemical industry. A standard antistatic floor contains conductors since materials like rubber and resin are isolators. This requires a complex and therefore a very costly build up. A new surface treatment is often necessary when the floor is subjected to heavy wear and tear.

With Ferroplan® from Contec you have the best alternative to any other antistatic floor in the industry. Ferroplan® is reinforced with a high percentage of steel that gives attractive conductive properties and the Ferroplan® is dust free.

Antistatic floors are more and more crucial to a production facility or storage facility today. Contec Ferroplan® is a High Performance Concrete which can be installed on any sub base like asphalt, tiles, concrete, CBM etc. Compared to traditional antistatic systems Contec Ferroplan® is less expensive, easier and faster to apply and it will last for decades.