Food Processing Industry

Contec floors can be applied according to all standards and regulations, on new – and existing floors in the meat – and fresh food industry. The Contec topping can be engineered for specific demands like impact strength, high temperature resistance and skid resistance. Contec floors can also be applied on vertical surfaces like machine foundations and barriers.

Low temperature-, cold-storage and freezing tunnels. 

Rehabilitation of floors used in area’s with low or very low temperatures is a challenge as a minimum shut down time is essential while a higher temperature is necessary to create the correct circumstances for the application. Often the floors are heavily damaged, cracked or even deformed.


Contec have a range of products available for the rehabilitation of floors. Depending on the situation and product of choice, the Contec toppings can be placed in a thickness from 8 –> 50 mm.  When the base floor is heavily deteriorated and/or needs to be re-strengthening Contec Ferroplan is an excellent choice for a fast and durable topping which can be applied also as a floating topping.  Contec has a large and proven expertise with rehabilitation projects in cold storage and freezing tunnels.

All Contec Flooring Systems are ready for traffic after 24 hours curing time at 20° C.



N 85-4

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Brochure (A3/2-Sided/short edge binding)


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