Harbours and Container Terminals

Pavements in Container Terminals should be subject to careful studies before refurbishment or a new pavement system is decided on. Handling time per container is essential and pavement failures are costly for all parties involved.

RTG´s, Straddle carriers and Reach Stackers are expensive equipment - when they are inoperative. They must drive full speed with a minimum of down time.

Confalt® , MonoConfalt®  or the reinforced Ferroplan®  will probably bring more value to your facility than any other type of pavement as they offer:

  • Freedom of joints
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Longest life time span
  • Shortest down time for repairs
  • Very good resistance to chloride and chemical
  • Very good resistance to freeze and thaw cycles
  • Very high resistance to wear and rutting

This means:

  • Best economy – in terms of purchase, maintenance and life time span
  • Full speed service – A Confalt® / MonoConfalt® pavement has no Achilles-heel (joints)
  • Decreased impact on equipment due to freedom of joints and avoiding of rutting
  • Minimum maintenance costs = minimum inconvenience
  • Repairs are fast and sustainable