Concrete floor as a flying carpet

Contec Ferroplan takes over when all other pavements and flooring materials give up.

Ferroplan is a unique joint-free fibre and web-reinforced thin topping that offers a superior load capacity and durability on even the weakest base.

In rehab situations, where the existing base of concrete, wood, steel or asphalt continues to demolish or has given up due to demanding daily strain or decomposition from chemicals, oil or by daily demanding mechanical stress, Ferroplan is a superior joint less permanent self supporting thin flooring solution.

In new build where the sub base is in critical conditions Ferroplan is the new and ideal choice.

Today Ferroplan is chosen by customers around Europe who has been able to take the new strong and durable wearing course into service within 48 hours after it has been applied. It is approved as a liquid proof topping meeting the strongest German standards and supported by international approvals and patents.

Ferroplan features for heavy duty industrial pavements

  • Extreme high tensile strength compared to traditional concrete (15-80 N/mm²)
  • Very high impact resistance and ductility (E-modulus 55.000)
  • Particularly good resistance to chemicals and thermal strain.
  • Freeze/thaw resistant
  • Adjustable in colour and strength to customer requirements
  • The joint less surface prohibits damages on trucks, loads and loss of material.
  • Improves working environment.
  • Can be applied thin on even the weakest base.  
  • Resists heated liquids or steam (up to 420° C.)
  • Meets strength of 40-60 N/mm² within 24 hours.      
  • Final strength of 120 - 220 N/mm²   



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