Joints in Cobblestones, setts and concrete paving blocks

Pedestrians, bus stops, streets, roundabouts, stairs or sidewalks get an esthetic boost and dramatically increased load ability and lifetime when joints are filled with high performance mortar.

Cobblestones are stones that were frequently used in the pavement of early streets and are still used in historical cities and areas where stones are an easy available building material or for architectural purposes. Setts are relatively even and roughly rectangular stones that are laid in regular patterns. They gave a smoother ride for carts than cobbles. Both cobblestones and setts are placed in sand or cement stabilized sand and may be bound together with cement. Since the traffic loads and intensity nowadays are much heavier, rutting and displacement will occur in any of these pavements if not properly bound.  A traditional grouted joint is not only too weak to reach an interlocking between the stones but will also result in an unaesthetic cement film on top of the pavement. This will minimize the attractive architectural perception and is hard to remove. Non cement based grouted joints are very expensive, are less attractive and have different properties than the stones. The special developed Contec High Performance grouts are not only easy to apply and giving a very good interlocking, but are very attractive since they are part of a jointing/cleaning system  not giving  any cement film visible after finishing the grouting.

Contec FM 80 is a fast setting repair solution for heavy duty cobblestone areas. Since 1993 Contec has supplied material and solutions for refurbishment of several hundred thousand m² of various types of cobblestone surfaces and tiles for pedestrian streets.

Contec FM 80 fixes any type of stone to a depth of 20-30 mm with a High Strength Mortar which locks the stones into one very strong plate. More than sufficient for heavy bus traffic etc.


This is how you make a fast lock on cobblestones:

1: Clean joints with pressure washer in a depth of 30 mm

2: Apply/spray the fast setting mortar

3: Spray Contec retarder on the surface

4: After one hour, wash the surface.