Recycling and waste management facilities

Preserving our commodities by recycling metal and other raw materials requires the use of heavy machinery and highest efficiency on the waste sites. This puts extreme requirements on the durability and life time of the concrete pavements traditionally used on these sites.

Contec’s Ferroplan is now being used on facilities where no other pavement has been able to withstand the enormous influence by the waste and the machinery that also has dictated a biannual replacement of the pavement.

Ferroplan is a thin floating pavement system based on a special blended Contec binder armored with strong fibers or iron mesh. It offers:

  • Joints free and freeze/thaw resistance

  • Dust free on a daily basis

  • Extreme high tensile strength  (15-80 N/mm² or more)

  • Very high impact resistance and ductility (E-modulus 55.000)

  • Can be applied on even the weakest base.

  • Superior resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, acids etc.

  • Durability exceeds any other known affordable surface.

  • Ideal for new build and rehabilitations.

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Brochure (A3/2-Sided/short edge binding)


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Brochure (A3/2-Sided/short edge binding)