Road repairs

Damage can occur suddenly in roads made from asphalt concrete or concrete. A good example is the pot holes in the asphalt roads in Europe during the long and harsh frost period in the winter from 2009 – 2010.

Damage can also be caused by problems in the sub base, in proper placing, under design for the actual loads, incidental overload and more traffic than foreseen.  All of this will result in cracks, de-bonding of layers, crumble off, potholes and deformations.

Various solutions as prefab panels, MonoConfalt, Confalt or Ferroplan are developed by Contec to repair potholes, to make full depth repairs or placing an Ultra Tin White topping. Material properties can be engineered to make a semi-flexible to rigid constructions and to control the setting and curing time. This makes it possible to repair and re-use an area within 4 – 12 hours.

Example of overnight highway repair in South Africa.

There is a risk that highways or other roads build by prefabricated elements crack from highs loads from trucks, a weak base and/or freeze-thaw situations. When a repair is coming up the downtime when rerouting traffic and the extension of travel time is a concern before a repair is decided on for highly trafficked highways

Contec has developed a new method for fast repair of the entire armored concrete elements that only requires a highway lane to be closed for a few hours.

The highway lane is e.g.  closed at midnight and in five hours a crew of seven people removes damaged concrete elements, mounts new armor and mix and applies a newly developed special mix of Contec mortar.  The special mix is extremely fast setting and within one hour after the last repair, it is possible to open for traffic of trucks and other vehicles.

More information contact Mr. Bo Serwin, Contec Denmark or Johan Dierksen, Contec South Africa





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