Warehouses and distribution centers

The semi flexible flooring systems from Contec, Confalt and MonoConfalt,  offer a strong joint less comfortable surface with high strength and bearing capacity.  They withstand daily use indoor or outdoor from forklifts and trucks and are able to carry high point loads in high racking areas.

Confalt is the cost effective joint less topping that combines the high strength of the cement based Contec mortar with the flexibility of the asphalt. The surface of Confalt is ideal where a slip resistant surface is needed and is a proven and highly appreciated system.

 MonoConfalt is a new very fast applied thin topping that offers a shiny surface like concrete. It can be adjusted in strength (10-15 times asphalt) and colours and is applied on even the weakest base.

3000 m² MonoConfalt can be laid and taken into service within 24 hours. (20°C)

  • The Confalt and MonoConfalt systems are ideal for new build and rehabilitations.

  • Joint and dust free comfortable surface to the benefit of employees and equipment

  • Low permeability  (DiBi standard, Germany)

  • High resistance and durability

  • Resistant to freeze/thaw attacks and de-icing chemicals

  • Easy to keep clean with traditional cleaning equipment

  • Best short and long term investment.