The time has passed where you had to choose between a concrete floor with high strength or the softer but joint less asphalt solution. Confalt is a proven semi flexible paving system that combines the best properties from asphalt and concrete into a sustainable and well documented solution for areas you want to be joint-free with a load capacity of 2-12 N/mm².  

Confalt is in essence open graded asphalt (22-28% air voids) filled with high strength Confalt mortar.  The thin floating Confalt mortar is self levelling and the air voids are easily filled to 200 mm without vibration. The mortar is designed to have a fast setting time which allows industrial floors, roads and other trafficked areas to be taken into service within 12-18 hours after application.

The binder for Confalt mortar is manufactured by Contec ApS. in Denmark and applied by partners around the world

Confalt is a proven and approved system in many countries where our partners have a long experience on local solutions. It has a rougher surface structure than MonoConfalt. For a conversation about a solution for you, please contact one of our local partners.

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