Contop N 85-4

CONTOP N85-4 is a glass fibre reinforced, cementitious mortar. CONTOP N85-4 Binder N contains a unique blend of selected cements, micro particles and a combination of admixtures.

CONTOP N85-4 mortars are specially developed to provide a long lasting durable surface on industrial floors with heavy mechanical loads. CONTOP N85-4, when mixed with water produces a viscous to stiff mortar with a high cohesive strength.


15 - 25 mm

Compressive Strength

> 100 Mpa

Flexual strength

> 12Mpa

Wear resistance DIN 52108

< 7 cm³/cm² (Böhme)

Forklift service/high pressure steam cleaning within

24/48 hours


13-14 cm


Smooth and uniform in colours


Light grey

Suitable for polishing

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Materials safety data sheet (MSDS)