Contop S 105-2

This unique self leveling mortar has without doubt been the most challenging development of all Contec products. To make it flow and at the same time develop high compressive strength was not the challenge, but to make it forgiving, uniform and practical in the daily use took us several years and a vast number of small adjustments.

S105-2 is one of Contec’s most popular self leveling mortars. It is a thin self leveling topping layer for wet in wet or refurbishment installations. The tensions inside the material are very small and yet the performance is high compared with traditional self leveling mortars. S105-2 is pumpable (PFT G5 or similar) and a typical installation is 1.500 – 2.000 m² for a crew of 4 to 5 men.


4 - 8 mm

Compressive Strength

> 95 Mpa

Flexual strength

> 13 Mpa

Wear resistance DIN 52108

< 9 cm³/cm² (Böhme)

Forklift service/high pressure steam cleaning within

24/48 hours


13-14 cm


Smooth and uniform in colours


Light grey (Adjustable)

Suitable for polishing

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Materials safety data sheet (MSDS)