The function of an industrial floor or industrial pavement is of crucial importance for a company. Surface damage, cracks, broken joint edges, dust, etc. can result in an uncomfortable use and damage of transportation equipment. In the food industry and with the so-called fluid tight constructions are not only the requirements of the user of importance but as well the requirements from the authorities. In the rehabilitation or renovation from industrial floors or industrial pavements the factor time is the most important key factor. Shutdown time must be minimized since every stagnation in the complex process of production, transport and storage will have immediately great financial consequences for the end-user. The choice for a re-surfing system for the industrial floors will be mainly based on two factors: the necessary shut down time and the expected service life from the new topping or overlay. Esthetical and financial factors are of less importance as long as the new topping meets the standards and specifications from the user and the related industry.   


In the case of the rehabilitation or re-strengthening of infrastructure constructions like bridges shut down time have to be absolutely minimized due the immediately impact on the economical situation and the commercial and environmental consequences. 


Cement based thin toppings or overlays have several important advantages compared to other materials. The advantages come into play particularly in the case of industrial flooring and paving and in the rehabilitation of civil constructions. Thanks to recent developments in cement technology there are now many renovation applications for cement-based toppings and ultra thin overlays using high strength- or ultra high strength high performance concretes. 


The Contec Ferroplan® is especially developed to meet all the technical standards and practical requirements for industrial floors placed with standard equipment and by traditional floor layers.  The Contec Ferroplan® is especially developed to cope with problems as: not sound or cracked concrete, sub bases from diverged materials and weak, damaged and/or under dimensioned constructions. Particularly in these cases the combination of a HPC or UHPC in combination with reinforcement is very interesting to produce strong and ductile  “floating” overlays or to connect an extremely strong and ductile overlay to the sub base. 


The Contec Ferroplan® is an unique system that can be laid without joints in places where the quality of the existing base is not satisfactory. The system consists of a special blended HPC or an UHPC, steel- and polypropylene fibres and reinforcement bars. The final strength will depend on the amount and type of aggregates and reinforcement what will be used. Structural strengthening of constructions with the Contec Ferroplan® have to be calculated and designed by specialists. 

The Contec Ferroplan® can be laid as a thin overlay on a sub base where sufficient bonding cannot be secured, which is under-dimensioned or where cracks and movements occur. Typical fields of application are too weak concrete, contaminated concrete, steel- and concrete bridges, piers and other constructions. As a result of its special properties the Contec Ferroplan® is particularly suitable as a thin overlay on steel- and concrete bridges as the system provides a joint less chloride resistant and dense topping. The Contec Ferroplan® can also be used to produce prefab constructions and constructions parts like panels. 


The values of compressive strength and flexural strength are much higher than those of normal high quality thin overlays. The flexural strength of the Contec Ferroplan® will depend on the amount of reinforcement used. Due the high content of steel, the impact resistance is extremely good and furthermore the Contec Ferroplan provides excellent resistance to chemicals, salts, oil, solvents, blood, fat, cleaning chemicals and acid attack. The Contec Ferroplan® also has a high heat resistance and resists hot water and steam cleaning and is absolutely frost/ thaw resistant. The Contec Ferroplan® develops an early high strength, after 24 hours at 20° Celsius approx. 50 % from the final strength will be reached. Due the extreme density from the Contec Ferroplan® the reinforcement is adequate protected against contaminated environments, even with a relatively thin cover of 10 – 20 mm on the reinforcement.   


The Contec Ferroplan® is tested for different applications in test institutes like: Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), TNO Building and Construction Research (Netherlands), VdS (Germany), IMMB (Germany), Danish Technological Institute and others. Quality control according different standards is made by Contec ApS, various test institutes and our clients.


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