MonoConfalt® is the 3rd generation of Semi-flexible material for pavements and flooring systems. We are proud to introduce you to the most innovative building material since the development of high performance concrete in the 1980´s.

MonoConfalt® is at present the most extensive and promising fusion between asphalt and concrete with compressive strength compatible with a good quality concrete and yet an e-module of 7,000 Mpa. Low enough to allow the freedom of joints.

MonoConfalt® is an integrated semi-flexible system with sand and aggregates bituminized and saturated with high performance concrete. Being produced at low temperatures in asphalt plant the production is fast, efficient and very environmental friendly. 

The material is installed like a concrete i.e. wet and cold. This gives us the opportunity to adjust the MonoConfalt® to any purpose…

  • With reinforcement for construction purpose
  • With more flexibility for road construction
  • Extremely fast setting for patching or pot hole repair or similar

The unique adherence between the bitumen and high strength concrete in MonoConfalt has been documented in a ultra thin polished test- probe in a laboratory.

Test probe showing bitumen coated aggregates

Strong granite as a base aggregate.

Granite coated with bitumen

The finished material saturated with reactive powder

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