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By mixing good quality cement with puzzolanic particles – even down to nano size – we achieve some spectacular properties in terms of density, strength and curing time. Far beyond those of traditional good quality concrete.

HPC offers unique solutions to thousands of problems of various kinds and is already a standard solution in certain sectors.

Contec does annually supply material for more than 1 million m2 flooring and pavement and several thousands of ton material for other industries. But in order for HPC to make the break through as a preferred material to traditional concrete there have generally speaking been two stones in the shoe.

1.    The workability and practicality was different or challenging

2.    The price was too high

We at Contec ApS would like to announce that myth for busted. Based on concentrate we can produce a competitive HPC locally with a very good workability which ensures the optimal final product.

Contec was one of the first developers and manufactures of HPC and we have built an extensive experience in our materials. (More information on Contec Technology (LINK)

Contec maintain a strong focus on further developments of the technology in general as well solutions to problems most have given in on. Several new systems and patents are developed during the last 5 years. Systems that today are the backbone of our company and our offerings.

Quality control and documentation.

Contec have a efficient in-house quality control system and products are documented and tested by leading laboratories in Europe in corporation with government authorities and partners.

Contec also offer various repair systems for pot holes, pedestrian zones, tiles, cobblestones etc. For more information please contact Contec ApS.

Please read more about all the applications areas for our products. It is our guess that one of them is close to what you are looking for.



Application area


Pavement & Flooring systems:




Contop self leveling screeds

Contop floatable screeds

Bridge Rehabilitation systems:



Wear Protection systems for cement-, coal-, metal- and mining industries


ATM´s, vaults and safe rooms for security industry


Off shore wind mills, and rehabilitation of off shore platforms


Architectural products

Contec Prefab

Housing technology

Contec Prefab

4500 m2 MonoConfalt laid as flooring at new concertshall  for Danish National Radio